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1) Are the lights able to reproduce a white colour?

Yes definitely. Just use the app, and select the white color wheel. There are many shades of white, the lights can replicate.

2) Does it come with a power adapter

Yes, everything you need to get your lights working is included in your package

3) If I purchase multiple sets, can they be controlled together?

Yes, using our smart app you can create groups and control multiple Aurora Sets as a unit. They can also be controlled individually, if you would like different colours in different areas of your home

4) Can I join 2 cut strips together?

Yes, each kit comes with an I connector to allow for cut strips to be joined. Caution should be used as the copper plating can erode affecting the function of the lights. 

5) Can they be placed on the ceiling?

Yes, they can be placed on any smooth surface that has been properly prepped. Make sure to be conscious of the power supply during installation, ensure it is along a wall or corner that can help to camouflage.

6) Can it be submerged in water?

No, although our LED strips are waterproof they are not rated for full submersion. DO NOT submerge any part of the LED kit as this will likely lead to a product malfunction and runs the risk of electrocution.

7) What is the difference between RF and IR remotes?

RF remotes allow you to control the LED Strips without a direct line to the receiver/controller. It is more convenient and will usually not interfere with other receiving devices 

8) I am having trouble connecting to the app?

Please ensure you have downloaded the correct app for the LED Kit (Smart Life) and followed the instructions thoroughly. In addition, the app is optimized using the 2.4Ghz Wifi frequency. This comes standard on most modems and additional steps do not usually need to be taken. If however it does not appear on your wifi search, please follow the instruction on the app on how to re-instate the frequency. If you have further questions please contact us at